Music Catalog

Another Time (BMI) 
Anyway (BMI)
At The Edge Of The Earth*
Backs Of Birds (BMI) 
Better Way (BMI) 
Bitter (BMI) 
Delila & Samson (BMI)
Dog Eat Dog (BMI)
Dry As A Bone (BMI)
I Don't Think So (BMI)
Late Night In Love With The Blues (BMI)
Looking In From The Outside (BMI)
Nothing To Say (BMI)
Rear View Mirror (BMI) 
San Gervasio*
Seven Years Strong (BMI)
Storm (BMI)
Strange (BMI)
The Things They Never Told You (BMI)
Time It Takes (BMI)
Time Waits For No One (BMI)
To Taupin (BMI)
Twenty-One (BMI)
Where Do You Go Now? (BMI)
You (BMI)


* Co-published or agreements pending
(Contact Groovebirds Music for licensing information)