Music Catalog

24 Hours With Lavon (BMI)
Ain't Givin' Up Today (BMI)
Another Time (BMI)
Anyway (BMI)
Back Again (BMI)
Backs Of Birds (BMI)
Better Way (BMI) 
Bird Groove (BMI)
Bitter (BMI)
Burning Down (BMI)
Consequences (BMI)
Delila & Samson (BMI)
Dog Eat Dog (BMI)
Dry As A Bone (BMI)
Gifts (BMI)
I Don't Think So (BMI)
In My Heart (BMI)
Land Of The Dry Sea (BMI)
Last Stop, Bloomington (BMI)
Late Night In Love With The Blues (BMI)
Leaving (BMI) 
Like Everything (BMI)
Living The Dream (BMI)
Looking In From The Outside (BMI)
Lost Fingers (BMI)
Nature (BMI)
Nothing To Say (BMI)
Opportunity (BMI)
Perspectives (BMI) 
Possibilities (BMI)
Prelude/Common Enemy (BMI)
Rorschach Test (BMI)
Seven Years Strong (BMI) 
Speak (BMI)
St. Thomas (BMI)
Strange (BMI)
Temporary (BMI) (ASCAP)
The Road (BMI)
The Things They Never Told You (BMI)
There Are Stars (BMI)
Time It Takes (BMI)
Time Waits For No One (BMI)
To Taupin (BMI)
To The North (BMI)
Together (BMI)
Traveling Along (BMI)
Twenty-One (BMI)
Unspoken (BMI)
What You're Told (BMI)
Where Do You Go Now? (BMI)
You (BMI)
Your Time (BMI)


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