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The Groovebirds: Blues 

"The Groovebirds: Blues" is, with one exception, a collection of songs The Groovebirds have performed live, but haven't included in previous studio releases.  This mostly Blues/Rock album includes two cover songs, and six compositions by The Groovebirds that date back to the band's genesis as a rhythm section in Portland, Oregon.
The first song, “Late Night In Love With The Blues,” was written by Rod Coleman and released in 2014 by “Navigate North,” a Blues/Rock combo consisting of the original “Groovebirds” rhythm section (Rod and Tracy Coleman) with guitarist, Brian Tatman.  The band regularly performed a mix of original compositions and cover tunes (including Elton John's "Stinker") at the Portland Saturday (World) Market. 
The Groovebirds have included a cover of this deeper cut from Elton's 1974 "Caribou" album on their "Blues" release (in part) to revisit their Blues/Rock origins, but also to commemorate an event that took place shortly after Phil Carroll joined Navigate North in 2015.  At one of the band's market gigs in Portland, Aerosmith's Joe Perry emerged from the crowd and played "Stinker" along with the band during a memorable (and random) guest appearance. 
Three songs written by Phil Carroll on the "Blues" release deviate somewhat from the Blues/Rock theme of the album, but with the exception of "Unspoken" these contributions have also frequently appeared in The Groovebirds' set lists, and weren't included in the band's earlier studio releases.  “Ain’t Giving Up” has been part of the band's show since the incident that partially inspired the song took place in 2015 (when Phil Carroll’s car was confiscated by a predatory towing company at a gig in Portland’s St. John’s district), and "What You're Told" was added to The Groovebirds' set list in 2018. 
Tracy Coleman’s cover of “Driving Wheel” is the fourth track on this release, and one of the very few cover songs The Groovebirds have continued to perform since the band’s inception.  Like "Late Night In Love With The Blues" and the album's second track, “24 Hours With Lavon,” it is (musically) consistent with the genre that inspired "Blues" album's title.
“Last Stop, Bloomington" (the final track on this album) gravitates more toward the "rock" element of the Blues/Rock genre that characterizes this release, and was inspired by the death of the late, great Scott Weiland.  "Last Stop, Bloomington" has been part of the band's performances since 2019. 
"The Groovebirds: Blues" is available through Apple Music (https://tools.applemediaservices.com/artist/1107310661?country=us), bandcamp.com (https://groovebirds.bandcamp.com/album/blues), and at https://thegroovebirds.com/store  

OLD NEWS . . . 

2021 Best Female Artists Promotion  

In March of 2021, Tracy J's "There Are Stars" was part of World National Indie Radio's "2021 Best Female Artists" radio promotion celebrating the contributions women have made to independent music.  WNIR airs worldwide in 19 countries, including the US, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, the UK.   

Its A Wonder To Me  

Check out "Its A Wonder To Me" (the latest album by Phil Carroll) HERE
Physical CDs are also available through Groovebirds Music for $10 (free shipping). 

Portland Metro Records selects "Nothing To Say" for season 2 opener . . . 

We're eternally grateful to Portland Metro Records for selecting "Nothing To Say" from The Groovebirds "Looking In From The Outside" CD as the opening song for "Off The Record" season two!  An overview of the season's candid interviews and live performances produced by Shane and Kyra Ramsay is available HERE.  A collection of interviews and performances from the program is available at Portland Metro Records Presents "Off The Record."